33 Hall Lane, Chingford, London E4 8HH

Dentist in Chingford

Raj gogna Dr Raj Gogna

Synergy is a Specialist dental practice situated in Chingford , London E4, offering a wide range of dental services. It was established by Dr Raj Gogna , who has been practising in Chingford since 1989 . Synergy Specialist Dental Practice was established to provide high quality specialist dental care in NE London & Essex , which previously patients had to go to the West End to access . We have a large referring base of dentists and are also happy to receive 'self referrals' from patients

We also have an Aesthetic Medicine doctor working with us providing a range of skin treatments.

Our Specialists are renowned for their high quality work in the area of Periodontology ,Endodontics , Oral surgery , Dental Implants and Orthodontics. So if you are looking for dental practice to help care for your patient's complex dental problem, Synergy Specialist Dental Practice is able to help.

From the moment your patient's arrive they will be made be treated like a welcome guest. The practice is located in a modern property which has been comprehensively refurbished in recent years. We are located next door to a car park , which makes it convenient for patients.


We understand that new patients may be feeling anxious about their consultation or treatment and it's our aim to put them at ease. Our dentists will take time to understand what is important to them about their dental care and what they would like to achieve. Sedation can be provided for patients who suffer with anxiety.

We know from many years of experience that patients often need reassurance and peace of mind to enable them to place their trust and confidence in their dentist before they embark upon a course of treatment and it may help you to know that the clinical team at Synergy Specialist Dentists are amongst some of the most experienced and well qualified dentists in the UK.

We will always keep you informed of the progress of your patient's treatment and are committed to returning your patients back to your care on completion of the treatment that they have been referred for. We are happy to arrange for you to visit our practice and meet us personally should you wish.

Specialist Prosthodontics
Clinical Director Synergy HealthCare.