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Dental Referrals in Chingford

Dentist referral services

The specialist team at Synergy offer a range of referral services and because our team of Specialists have a multi-disciplinary approach , our referred patients receive exceptional care and treatment.

We aim to make our referral service as simple as possible , so you can refer patients to us with a minimal of time spent by you . You may :

  1. Download a PDF form from our website and either post or email to us.
  2. Complete our 'online' form and send it to us
  3. Call and ask for a referral pack for hard copy forms.
  4. Call our practice directly and speak to our referral's co-ordinator.

We understand that you will want to feel reassured when referring patients outside your own practice and are committed to the following:

  • Keeping you informed of your patient's treatment
  • Encouraging your patient to return to your practice for their continuing care
  • Involving you in your patient's treatment upon request.

To help us keep in touch with you please let us know how you prefer to receive information from us.

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